Happy Days Brewing Co is a bunch of mates who are living their best lives and choosing happiness every step of the way. We want to share our uniquely flavoured, naturally brewed hard seltzers with like minded people.

Happy Days Seltzers have been brewed naturally. Unlike other seltzers that a mix of ethanol, carbonated water and synthetic flavours, ours are brewed naturally giving a better and more satisfying taste.

We’re glad you asked! Our Seltzer is brewed following a traditional and clean process. Only the finest ingredients are selected for our drinks. Triple filtered water is added to a fermentation tank along with dextrose and yeast.

This mixture is boiled to 100C to dissolve the ingredients together. It is then cooled to 20C and left to ferment for 2 weeks. This fermentation process is what creates the alcoholic base. The seltzer base is then clarified with bentonite & activated charcoal. The bentonite & charcoal filter & clarify the seltzer base naturally, leaving it ready to be diluted & flavoured. The batch is then passed through a 0.5micron rating filter. We dilute the base to reach our desired ABV% before adding only the most mouth watering natural flavours.

There is nothing artificial in Happy Days whatsoever. Our scrumptious seltzer is then canned and carbonated - with happiness brewed into every bubble in every can.

Happy Days Seltzers are gluten free, low calories, low sugar and brewed naturally. This makes them an excellent choice for people who want to have a couple drinks but still be able to get up and surf, go to work or just feel good the next day.

In today's health conscious era more and more of us are reaching for better options in all aspects of life, indulgence included.

Hard Seltzer is a great alternative to many other alcoholic options if you’re looking for a few cheeky bevy’s. Just one problem, most seltzers on the market just don’t hit the spot with flavour. In our opinion they’re either too carbonated and not flavourful enough, or the flavour just isn’t on point.

This is where the idea for happy days was born. We worked hard to craft a beverage that at the forefront tastes bloody good, and with low calories and next to no sugar, Happy Days is an obvious choice. Happy Days Seltzers are different because they are brewed naturally, not blended with ethanol or synthetic flavours.

We have carefully crafted and developed unique flavours that can be enjoyed without any guilt associated with high sugar, high calorie, synthetic drinks.

We currently have developed three flavours: Yuzu Lemonade, Tropical and Grape. We are also brewing a delicious Yuzu Pineapple that will be released shortly.

We will keep you updated every step of the way so you can track your order. As we grow and expand, we hope to see Happy Days Seltzers in bottle shops and venues close to you no matter where you are.

Yes, you will have the option of standard shipping fees or express for those times you just can't wait for Happy Days.

Simply add in your discount code in the prompt on the website and get ready to enjoy some Happy Days.